Zeolites For PVC


PVC is a versatile and resource-efficient thermoplastic with a wide range of applications, making it useful in virtually all areas of human activity.
However, without the use of additives in PVC processing, it does not yield much use; but its high compatibility with different additives to make it soft, to impart colour provides it with a broad range of applications. One such important additive is heat stabilizers. Zeolite 4AC serves the purpose as a co-stabilizer in many lead-free heat stabilizers and chemical stabilizers for PVC industry.


  • White powder non-soluble in water.
  • High performance in reducing the Coefficient of Friction while keeping transparency.
  • Good combined effect with metal, mixed metal and organotin thermal stabilizers.
  • Excellent hydrogen chloride scavenger ability.
  • Safe for humans and the environment.


  • ZEOLITE 4A powder prevents degradation during processing.
  • Reacts with HCl when it is liberated in PVC processing.
  • Replaces with labile chlorine atoms


  • PVC : Zeolite 4A-C is used in the production of PVC materials like PVC window profiles, pipes, insulation and other PVC products. Thus, they are used as thermal co-stabilizer & chemical stabilizer effecting HCl adsorption and neutralization. Its ability to neutralize HCl during PVC production comes from its alumino-silicate structure, whose negative charge has been neutralized with Na cations.
  • Thermoplastics : With its small size and chemical inertness, that makes it move to the surface of poly-olefins, it has a good anti-blocking effect, reducing the coefficient of friction (CoF).