Defoamer for Agriculture

The use of pesticides promotes the growth of crops. A variety of nutrients are provided by fertilizers, ensuring that crops are comprehensive and fruitful. Fertilizers and pesticides are indispensable tools for farmers as they play a crucial role in agriculture.

In agriculture, the use of pesticides and fertilizers generates harmful foams for different reasons that affect the usage and production which has become the major reason of concern among the pesticide, fertilizer manufacturers and even among farmers. Providing a solution to this, Saan Global came up with Defoamer that is the most effective and a direct solution.

The Defoamer is a chemical reagent used for defoaming and foam suppression based on the foaming principle. Saan Global provides Defoamer for the agriculture industry. Our product has good performance in the aqueous system, is self-emulsifying, defoaming, and has a long-lasting effect on foam suppression.