SAANTEX™ is one of the latest addition in the Saan Global’s ever growing portfolio of brands. With the launch of SAANTEX™, Saan Global forays into magical world of textiles through its complete range of Textile Auxiliaries from pretreatment stage to finishing stage. All SAANTEX™ grades are thoughtfully formulated to give the best performance even under challenging textile processing conditions with minimal to no adverse impact on environment. Our scientists continue to work on launching new products for solving pressing textile processing issues in the most innovating ways. SAANTEX™ caters to entire gamut of textiles from fibers to fabric to apparels. We also cater to specialty finishes such as Anti-Microbial, Water Repellant, Flame Retardance finishes etc.

Our premium Textile Auxiliaries range provides an innovative solution for the following applications –

1. Pre-treatment

  • Wetting/Scouring agent
  • Desizing enzyme
  • Sequestering agent
  • Peroxide stabiliser
  • Core alkali neutraliser
  • Peroxide killer
  • Mercerize wetting agent

2. Normal finishing

  • PE emulsion
  • Special Anti-static
  • Anti-pilling
  • Silicone softener
  • Cationic softener
  • PVA for finish
  • Resin

3. Printing

  • Pigment printing
  • Reactive printing

4. Synthetics

  • Scouring agents
  • Polyester dyeing
  • Specialty finishing
  • Flame retardant

5. Dyeing Auxiliaries

  • Lubricating agent
  • Anti-migrating agent
  • De-aerating / De-foaming
  • Dyeing agents
  • Washing off
  • Dye-fixing

6. Specialty finish

  • Anti-microbial
  • Shade enhancer
  • PFC-free WR agent
  • C6 based OWR
  • Cross-linking agent
  • Multi-functional finishes

7. Bio-polishing

8. Yarn Lubricant