Mattress Making Machines

Quilting Machines

  • Quilting options in a multi-needle and single-needle sewing
  • Adheres to the latest Industry 4.0 norms
  • Supports, both lock stitch and chain stitch technology
  • Comes with more than 250 inbuilt designs
  • Rugged and heavy chassis to support long life with minimum vibrations
  • All spares and components from standardized make

Tape Edge Machines

  • Can sew all sizes of mattresses at a very fast pace
  • Provides best quality product with minimum rework and rejections
  • Provides manual and automatic machine options in tape edge
  • Special program and systems for square corner and tight corners
  • The machine comes with varying speed control systems
  • The sewing head has chain stitch or lock stitch options
  • The touch screen provides convenience and speed to the operator

Cutting and Border Machines

  • To suit your requirement of making a variety of borders for mattresses
  • Machines can produce high-speed quilting without the need for an operator
  • Works both on lock stitch and chain stitch technology
  • Comes with thread breakage, raw material end warning and auto-stop feature
  • Electronic PLC Control; Error-free operation with Driver Control

Hot Melt Gluing Sections

  • Corner and centre glue application system at high speeds
  • Equipment is loaded with an automatic sizing system for accuracy in application
  • Comes with touch screen panels and automatic press systems
  • Maintenance-free conveyors for glue sections

Mattress Production Lines

  • For increased production capacity and high-quality product
  • Fully automated systems of production lines
  • Providing cost advantage with minimized defects
  • Includes automatic edge sealing, gluing and quality control
  • Equipped with high-speed conveyors that work at 30mts/min
  • Flexibility in installation as per the available layout

Packaging Solutions for Mattresses

  • For your online mattress business needs and all packaging solutions
  • Provides standard, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging solutions
  • Fully equipped with safety sensors and automatic sizing sensors
  • For smooth and trouble-free mattress packaging that in turn saves time
  • Equipped with fast and smooth operation with automatic press and vacuum system
  • Comes with a plastic roll handling crane that can handle up to 500 kgs of packaging rolls
  • Automatic and smooth packaging with the smooth cutting of sides without resistance